Two men arrested in connection with road rage case in Cleveland’s East Side.

6 month ago

Two men were booked in jail after being involved in a road rage shooting.

the incident happened on Cleveland’s East Side, where a driver was trying to get over into the lane of another driver on Woodhill Road. When the man couldn’t because of traffic, the victim says the suspect pointed a handgun at his vehicle and began to shoot.

the victim who was in the car with two of his friends said that he doesn't know the shooter.

the victim called the police who located both cars and arrested the suspect James Warr less than three miles away on East 144th Street.

Timothy Smith lives right by where the shooting took place.

“It’s a little frightening,” he said. “I do have children, and I would like for them to be safe.”

the victim's car was damaged as Bullets pierced a hubcap and tire.passengers of the car did not get hurt.