Houston police intensify search of estranged husband after the decomposed body of wife was found in a ditch

6 month ago

Houston police are hunting for the estranged husband who reportedly killed his 29-year-old wife and thrown the body in a ditch in another county, according to reports.

Charine Wilson was found was last seen on Nov. 10 in Houston and was reported missing on Nov.12. Her body was found one month later in a ditch badly decomposed, according to Navarro County Sheriff's Office.

The victim's son told police he last saw his mother when she entered Johnny Leon Wilson's apartment and never left.

The suspect left the apartment alone and took the child who was waiting for his mother in the car to a fast food restaurant.

Preliminary autopsy results showed that the victim died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Johnny Leon Wilson, 48, was charged and is now wanted in connection with the murder.