Utah dorm slaying :police and dorm staff failed to protect Lauren McCluskey.

6 month ago

Utah student-athlete was fatally shot on campus by a man she briefly dated, her family is demanding answers from police and dorm staff after the girl's several calls to protect her from the upcoming danger.

McCluskey began reporting her own concerns to campus officers on Oct. 12. But a formal case was not opened until Oct. 19 — and in that weeklong gap, McCluskey twice called Salt Lake City police’s dispatch line looking for more help. And even after campus police opened their case, no work happened because the assigned detective was off, and she did not return to the investigation until after McCluskey was killed.

her family said Thursday that university police and housing officials did not take Lauren McCluskey’s case seriously enough and act on warnings that her ex-boyfriend was dangerous before he shot her to death on campus two months ago.

the 21-year-old University of Utah senior and track athlete was shot and killed by that harasser, 37-year-old Melvin Rowland, on October 22, officials say. Rowland, a convicted sex offender who had spent more than a decade in prison, killed himself hours later after a police chase, university police said.

McCluskey's parents still believe that her death could have been prevented if her requests for protection were taken into consideration.