Bakery workers get $28,055 in back wages and damages.

6 month ago

A Central Florida Bakery has paid $28,055 (£22,227.98) in back wages and liquidated damages to 18 employees after being caught flouting federal minimum wage and overtime laws.

investigators found that Central Florida Bakery paid one employee a weekly salary that failed to cover all of the hours worked at the minimum wage of $7.25 (£5.75) per hour. The organization also paid overtime-eligible employees flat salaries, without regard to the number of hours they had worked, which therefore resulted in overtime violations when more than 40 hours a week were worked.

the Bakery paid $28,055 to 18 workers, $1,558.61 per person, and a civil cash dunning of $ 5,455.

Daniel White, Jacksonville district director for the WHD, said: “Employers have the responsibility to pay employees all the wages they have legally earned. We encourage employers to contact us with any questions they may have, and to use the wide variety of tools we offer to help them understand their obligations and to comply with the law.”