Accused jogger killer claims his DNA was involuntary obtained

6 month ago

A man accused of the murder of a 27-year-old jogger claimed that investigators obtained his DNA without his consent because of the language barrier.

Angelo-Colon Ortiz was indicted for the murder of Vanessa Marcotte after she was found dead near her mother's home in Princeton, Mass. on Aug. 7, 2016.

Colon-Ortiz is a U.S. citizen born in Puerto Rico and doesn't understand, speak, or write English. Investigators reportedly questioned him about the murder with the help of a translator, and gave him a piece of paper to sign without understanding that it was a consent to allow them obtain DNA through a cheek swab test.

The suspect's attorney filed a motion earlier this month to suppress the DNA evidence since it was without a search of warrant or probable cause, according to reports.