New York Plumbers are earning more than the Mayor in annual salary

6 month ago

An analysis of fiscal-year data shows that 23 of New York's top 100

overtime earners are in fact plumbers.

Vincenzo Giurbino, a 55-year-old Housing Authority plumber ended the year with $315,158 (overtime and in base pay) which is more than Mayor De Blazio's $225,000 annual pay.

25 other New York plumbers made more than $200,000 this year. In other American cities, the average plumber made around $52,590 in 2017.

Adam Anderzejewski, founder of a government watchdog said: "No city in America should allow their plumbers to routinely double their incomes with overtime and make more than $200,000. When city employees make more in overtime pay than in salary, then the pay and benefits systems are being abused."