New mother named her baby daughter after paramedic who saved her during wildfire.

6 month ago

An expectant mother was saved after being stuck in her car in an attempt to escape from the Camp Fire in Paradise she named her baby after the paramedic who saved her.

Anastasia Skinner, who went into premature labor while trying to escape a terrifying wildfire that wiped out the Northern California town of Paradise.

"I knew if I went into labor I'd bleed out and die," Skinner said.

That's when Mickey Huber, an EMS worker for Butte County, responded to the call.

"I knew I was the closest paramedic to that area," Huber said. "They wanted to get a helicopter and with the wind and smoke, there was no way they were going to do that."

Skinner called 911, and they told her to honk her horn so that they could find her.

"When we got to her, we decided we were going to take her down the hill," Huber said.

Amid the flames, a retired Paradise Fire Chief drove her car while Mickey attempted to calm her down.

"He was very calm," she said. "He kept telling me to tell him a story of happiness."

They were able to get her down the hill safely and transport her to the hospital safely.

Six weeks later her baby girl, Zoele Mickey Skinner, was born.

Skinner's husband suggested that their girl should be named after Mickey.

Huber got the chance to meet and hold Zoele two days after she was born at Enloe Medical Center.

"It was nice, very nice," Huber said. "It's probably one of the best things that I've had in my career."