A Queens chapel and cemetery are facing a lawsuit after corpse fell from the coffin.

6 month ago

A Queen's chapel and cemetery are facing the rage of a Florida man, the latter claimed that the funeral was ruined after the cemetery staff dropped the coffin leading the corpse to fell down in front of mourning family.

Yakov Sherman of Naples is a $5 million negligence lawsuit against the Mount Carmel Cemetery Association and Parkside Memorial Chapels after they allegedly ruined the Nov. 13 burial of his father, Aron Sherman.

“While lowering the coffin into the grave, the defendant’s employees dropped the coffin,” which caused the lid to fall off and “the body of Aron Sherman was ejected from the coffin,” the Brooklyn federal lawsuit alleges.

The body “fell into the dirt of the burial hole” in plain view of relatives, court papers claim. The family was then pushed back while the workers “retrieved” the remains.

a manager at Parkside Memorial said that “The cemetery workers who were responsible for handling the casket at the graveside dropped it.”

He added, “The funeral home doesn’t handle the casket at the cemetery.”