Teen with cerebral palsy was gifted a custom-made wheelchair making him a proud police officer just like his father.

6 month ago

A 16-year-old New Yorker with cerebral palsy was gifted an “NYPD” wheelchair.the boy whose father is a police officer was very proud to ride his own police car.

Aidan Riley, 16, received his very own replica of a "New York Police Department" that was made to fit around his wheelchair. It includes lights and sirens, and even his name and father's badge number — 2806 — detailed on it.

Officer Merrit Riley, the boy's father said that this gift means a lot to his son who admires police officers.

The gift was planned and created through a joint effort by the NYPD and Magic Wheelchair, a company that makes costumes for children's wheelchairs.

Officer Riley, a 22-year veteran of the force, told the news station that Magic Wheelchair contacted his foundation, "NYPD with Arms Wide Open," and "it just all came together."