young children left by themselves were surprised to see police at their door as they were watching home alone.

6 month ago

25-year-old mother caught in trouble after leaving her two young sons, ages seven and four, by themselves, the boys were reportedly watching the 1990 hit film "Home Alone".

Taylor Joann Cumings of Muncie went to work at the Youth Opportunity Center. and leaving her oldest son to look after the youngest one who was sick at the time.

Police went to the family’s home about 12:45 p.m. after dispatchers received an anonymous tip about the youngsters.

the two boys were frightened to see a police officer at their door, they eventually called their aunt who has arrived quickly and persuaded the boys to open the front door.

Cumings arrived home. She said she had been at her job since 7 a.m., and after being unable to find a babysitter, decided “to have (the older child) stay home from school and watch (his younger brother).”

The mother said “she had done it before but almost always stays with her children or has a babysitter," an officer wrote.

Cumings was arrested – outside the view of her children – on a preliminary count of neglect of a dependent. She remained in the Delaware County jail on Wednesday under a $10,000 bond.