Washington state tornado: damage survey team still in the process to weigh the damage.

6 month ago

Storm damage survey team are in their way to learn the rate of damage left by a rare tornado which caused major structural damage in Port Orchard, Washington, Tuesday afternoon.

According to the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office, most of the "catastrophic" damage is in the neighborhoods east and south of the Walmart in the 3400 block of Bethel Road Southeast.

Video from the television station’s helicopter at the scene showed trees down, homes with roofs ripped off and debris scattered across yards.

the team would not be able to survey the area before it was dark, the sheriff's office says power lines were down and roads were closed in the area.

About 50 buildings were affected.

Tornadoes are not very common in Washington state, and very rare for December, most tornadoes in Washington are rated EF-0s with minor damage.