Brink's truck spills cash on highway, police are asking citizens to turn in the missing $188,955 .

6 month ago

A wave of chaos emerged in the middle of a New Jersey Highway, as a massive haul of cash was spilled from an armored truck causing motorists to jump out of their cars and chase after the flying money.

police got several calls about a truck spilling cash on Route 3 in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Thursday morning. apparently, the back door of the truck wasn't working properly and opened during the drive.

Several drivers got out of their cars and attempted to grab cash off the road, causing two separate motor vehicle crashes, police said. But at least one person tried to help the Brink's driver, who was seen on a video posted to social media running through traffic trying to collect the scattering cash.

police said in a news release, “ A plastic bag containing $140,000.00 in cash and another plastic bag containing $370,000.00 in cash, had fallen through the open door onto the roadway, causing the bags to become opened,” police said. “The vehicle traffic along with the windy weather conditions caused the currency to become airborne and scattered along the highway.”

Brinks workers and motorists managed to recover $205,375, police said. Since then, an additional $115,670 has been turned in.

Police reiterated their plea for anyone with cash related to Thursday’s incident to reach out to authorities. $188,955 was still unaccounted for, they said.

East Rutherford Police Capt. Phil Taormina said that those who picked up the money on the road could face theft charges.

“You can be arrested for this, but the issue and the hard part is identifying who the actors are,” Taormina said. “Who picked up the money and left?”

The East Rutherford Police Department is asking anyone with video footage or other information related to the incident to call them at 201-438-1065.