Drug trafficker who helped El Chapo drug-dealing in the U.S. testifies

6 month ago

One of identical twin brothers has testified Tuesday against Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman at his drug-trafficking trial in federal court in Brooklyn as the first American in a group of cooperators to testify against him.

Pedro Flores, 37, said that he started his journey in drug-dealing as a translator working for his father alongside Margarito, his twin brother. In few years, they grew a multi-million-dollar enterprise and were in 2005 working with "El Chapo" in distributing nearly 40 tons of cocaine worth $800 million thanks to their drug-dealing network that covered Chicago, New York...

Flores said that he later contracted Drug Enforcement Administration agents and spied on the cartel.

Defense lawyers have considered the witnesses shady criminals, hoping to get breaks in their cases.