23-year-old man is in critical conditions after being shot eight times.

6 month ago

Sunday's night fatal shooting left a 23-years-old man in critical conditions, police are still looking for the suspect.

police and firefighters were called to a house in the 300 block of East 27th Street. One victim was found at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds and was transported to the hospital.

seven casings were recovered from the scene.

two teenagers were taken into custody as suspects; however, they have both since been cleared and released.

Investigators could not question the victim as he underwent several surgeries as he suffers gunshot wounds to his stomach, leg, and groin.

An East 27th Street resident says the violence has to stop. "It's just too many deaths," says 30-year-old Mickie Becker. "Everyday you turn on the TV it's somebody died; somebody killed somebody. It's like, 'let people live,' you know? Think about it. Get some help. Talk to somebody."

authorities are still looking for the shooter and gathering information from the surrounding community.

the identity of the victim has not been released yet.