Man dies in high-speed chase following his robbery, shooting and carjacking rampage

6 month ago

A man who went on a shooting, killind, robbery and carjacking rampage in California died Monday after he intentionally tried to crash into other cars during a high-speed highway chase.

Gustavo Garcia, 36, of Visalia started his rampage around 1 p.m. Sunday in Exter when he shot and wounded a farmworker. Minutes later, he robbed a convience store demanding $2,000 in cash. At 7:30 p.m. he shot a woman in Motel while she parcked her car, she had wounds in the arm and chest. On Monday, at 1:30 a.m. Garcia shot and killed a 51-year-old outside an AMPM in Visalia then fired shots into two homes in Visalia and Sultana area. At 6:30a.m. he carjacked a truck from three farmworkers and led police in a 100mph chase while driving the wrong way.

Garcia died after crashing into four cars in Porterville.