The West Coast of California is under the threat of gigantic storm waves.

6 month ago

Gigantic high surf will continue to threaten the West Coast through early Tuesday, surfers were warned to stay away from water.

On Saturday, via Twitter NWS issued a stern and alarming warning about the incoming storm, telling Bay Area residents to stay away from beaches or else “risk certain death.”

For your own safety, please adhere to the warnings and keep to higher ground all day Sunday and Monday.

More storms are lining up across the northern Pacific Ocean with their sights set on the Pacific Northwest.

"Storms will arrive approximately every 24 to 36 hours through Thursday," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.

“One of the bigger storms in the train will hit through Sunday night,” Sosnowski added.

Winds will not be as strong when compared to Friday’s storm, but coastal areas of Washington and Oregon could still experience gusts up to 60 mph, which can lead to isolated power outages and travel difficulties for high-profile vehicles.

"Another area of gusty winds is also expected to develop along the stretch of Interstate 5 in far Northern California on Sunday," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said.

A coastal flood warning was issued for the shoreline at Washington DC and will stay in place until Tuesday.

Flood warnings for multiple locations in both Baltimore and Washington DC also remained in place on Monday.

El Nino phenomenon, which is a warm ocean current in the Pacific that drives extreme weather patterns would likely be formed in the coming months.