Attempted robbery at California jewelry store fails as owner's nephew pulls out gun

6 month ago

A California jewelry store was on Friday the target of two robbery suspects who allegedly tried to stab the owner but were bravely kicked out by his nephew.

The attempted robbery was caught on video when the suspects attacked the Vana Watch and Jewelry store and threatened his owner, Jean Boujekian: "I didn't feel comfortable so I came out from the back to the floor and my nephew was in the background and one of them pulled out a knife," he said.

When Boujekian's nephew pulled out a gun on the the pair, they escaped on a four-door green Chevy Malibu with black rims and damage to the right rear. According to police, the vehicle's license plate was 5YAC399.

"Don't come to South Pasadena. It's not a good place," Boujekian said "especially across the police station. It's not a good idea."