Family outraged after priest condemned son's suicide, almost calling him 'a sinner'

6 month ago

Maison Hullibarger was a popular, straight-A student and skillful football player. The 18-year-old took his own life on Dec.4 leaving his family and school pals totally shocked.

But what the priest, Rev. Don Lacuesta did in the teen's funeral was even more shocking.

The priest condemned the boy's cause of death and suggested he wouldn't go to Heaven because he hadn't repented referring to the word "suicide" several times during the service. Lacuesta didn't honor the parents wish of delivering a eulogy that he agreed with beforehand. At one point, the teen's father went up to him and asked him to stop.

Some of Hullibarger's friends left the Church sobbing after hearing the upsetting anti-suicide message.

“We wanted him to celebrate how Maison lived not how he died," the teen's mother said.