Emerging details about the disturbing teacher charged with cutting off student's hair

6 month ago

Newly released Court documents revealed new details about the bizarre incident that made the headlines on Dec.5 after videos posted online captured a science teacher cutting a student's hair while singing the national anthem.

Margaret Gieszinger was charged with one count of false imprisonment, two counts of cruelty to a child, two counts of battery, and one count of assault all considered as misdemeanors.

Police officers found tufts of hair in a brown sack in her pricey purse, and in a drawer at her home. In the handbag, a pair of blue-handled scissors were also recovered.

Police Chief Kevin Mizner asked Gieszinger if she knew how fearful students may have been, she replied "I bet." She also said that she felt bad for cutting one student's hair, but that it was "already done."