21-year-old American student stabbed to death in Netherlands.

6 month ago

Donee Odegard who went through her son's suicide three years ago; received a hard shocking truth after learning that her beloved daughter who studies abroad in the Netherlands was stabbed to death.

21-year-old Sarah Pappenheim, an American college student studying in the Netherlands was found dead in a pool of blood after allegedly being stabbed by her roommate.

The suspect, a 23-year-old Dutchman, lived in the same building as Pappenheim, and the two were believed to be acquaintances.

The suspect was arrested about an hour after officers found her body, police said. He was located at a train station about 60 miles from Rotterdam.

Police aren’t sure about his motive in the killing at this time, Her mother said that her daughter started living with him about a year ago after bonding over music, but that he had recently become unstable. Odegard said her daughter planned to leave the apartment to stay with her boyfriend but returned to grab clothes for school, which is when Odegard believes the stabbing happened.

Sarah started living in the Netherlands after meeting someone playing a game online who lived in the country, her mother said. She traveled to the country to meet him, and after they began dating she decided to move to the country for school. Her mother praised her boyfriend, Nico, for the support he's provided, both emotionally and as a native Dutch speaker.

Odegard said she is getting finances in order to bring her daughter back from the Netherlands.

Sara's bandmates will be performing to raise money for her burial.