Lethal injection for man who battered and stabbed an old woman in 1992.

6 month ago

An inmate is on his way to execution for the horrific crime he has committed back in 1992 when he battered an elderly woman and stabbed her to death.

55-year-old Jose Antonio Jimenez a drug-addict broke into the house of his old neighbor 63-year-old Phyllis Minas, then stabbed her to death so viciously after beating her.

His defense still maintains he didn't do it, saying all the evidence against him was circumstantial and accusing investigators of lying to pin the crime on him.

Jimenez was also convicted separately of an earlier murder the 1990 strangulation killing of a woman found dead inside her Miami Beach apartment. He pleaded guilty and got 17 years for that killing.

Gov. Rick Scott originally scheduled Jimenez’s execution for July 18, but the Florida Supreme Court issued a stay as his defense lawyers claimed that North Miami hadn’t turned over key police records. The high court rejected the appeal in October, paving the way for Thursday’s execution by lethal injection.

Jimenez is scheduled to be executed Thursday evening at Florida State Prison in Starke.