Driver dressed as Santa Claus shot at by other driver in Forest Hill

6 month ago

A driver in Santa Claus suit was shot at as he and his wife were returning home from a holiday party, according to police.

The man's vehicle was shot twice but he and his wife were not injured. They were heading westbound on the freeway when a "small red car" cut off their way. He reportedly tried to pass the car, but wasn't allowed. The suspect then fired from his vehicle while exiting the freeway.

The incident took place on Interstate 20 in Tarrant County, on Wednesday at around 11 p.m. Police are now looking to determine the make and model of the small red car as no license plate information was available.

The driver told news outlets he thought it was over when the red car exited the freeway, "but then we started hearing gunshots and the car was hit twice."