child abuser raised chaos in Las Vegas courtroom,after attacking prosecutors.

6 month ago

A convicted child abuser went wild after hearing his sentence, the man allegedly attacked prosecutors, a security review was requested by Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson.

Terhain Woods Jr., 25, faces charges of child abuse with a substantial injury after a child in his care was found unresponsive and covered with bruises and scrapes.

The child’s doctor told police that the child may suffer from brain damage as a result of the injuries.

The incident, caught on video, shows Terhain Woods in a Las Vegas courtroom after his conviction for beating a 13-month-old boy in March 2017.

A judge tells Woods he'd be sentenced to between 8-to-10 years in prison plus an additional 1-to-3 years.

the convicted man was confused for a moment “So how many years is that?” Woods could be heard saying off-camera.

after doing the calculation, Woods then lunged at the prosecutors in the courtroom before being restrained by several officers.

Woods' defense attorney Michael Troiano, said his client's mental stability and competency was in question even before the outburst.

“He just had a freak-out and just wanted to cause havoc,” he said.

Mary Ann Price, a spokesperson for the Regional Justice Center released the following statement regarding the Clark County District Attorney's call for a security review

The video from the sentencing of Terhain Woods demonstrates the potential for danger in any courtroom. Security is a top priority at the courthouse. We welcome any review that may lead to improvements in our security procedures to ensure the safety of everyone in the courthouse.