3-year-old, 20-month-old toddlers tried unsuccessfully to revive unconscious mom

1 month ago

Walsall news, Alabama news.

The family of a Walsall mother is left with unanswered questions after finding her dead inside her home with her two toddlers on top of her trying to revive her.

The little boys, Oliver, 3-year-old and Jack, 20-month-old have unsuccessfully tried to revive their mother when she collapsed at the family home on January 9.

30-year-old Danielle Talbot has reportedly texted her parents asking them to come moments before she died. They arrived at her home 20 minutes later to find the toddlers next to their mom: “They discovered Ollie and Jack on top of Danielle trying to wake her up,” the victim’s brother said.

Talbot was pronounced dead at the scene after paramedics failed to save her. Her cause of death has not been determined but investigators said that a blood clot may have caused her death.