Mom accused of abducting son and fleeing to Brazil: 'I married a monster'

6 month ago

The Houston mother accused of abducting her son and taking him to Brazil in 2013 talked in an interview about the domestic abuse she suffered from her ex-husband, Christopher Brann.

"The world needs to know the truth because I married a monster," Marcelle Guimaraes said about Brann. "He would hit me, he would break TVs, chairs, computers...It was escalating."

Guimarae's parents are now facing a 3-year prison sentence for helping their daughter find a job in Brazil and enrolling her 9-year-old son in a school there.

Brann said he only hit her in self-defense, claiming he was not an "aggressor."

Guimaraes is a fugitive, wanted by the FBI and charged with international parental kidnapping.