Texas woman confesses to cutting up cousin's body, cooking limbs on barbecue

6 month ago

A Texas woman accused with two other defendants of the 2014 horrific slaying of her cousin, admitted on Monday her role in the murder as part of a plea deal.

Candie Dominguez, 39, told a San Antonio court she had helped to cut up and burn limbs of her cousin Jose Luis Menchaca, in 2014. She said the victim had been lured to her Bexar County home in September of that year by Daniel Moreno Lopez, 32, the other defendant in the case. Lopez and a third suspect, Gabriel Moreno, 36, attacked the victim by a baseball bat, then she helped them in the rest of the crime.

Prosecutors described Menchaca's murder as "pure evil," adding that "Nobody deserves to die like that. No body deserves to have their last breaths on this Earth to be in the back of a dirty detached garage."