Father hears daughter's screaming over baby monitor, rushes to find her throat slit

6 month ago

A 3-year-old girl has been killed by her uncle after he attacked her by knife, and slit her throat. The attack was heard by the girl's father over the baby monitor, according to authorities.

Josephine Mia Bulubenchi, died Sunday after being attacked early Saturday by her 33-year-old uncle, Emanuel Fluter, who was living with his sister's family during the last few months. After the attack, the suspect reportedly turned the knife on the girl's father cutting him as well, after he rushed when he heard her screaming over the monitor.

There were four other children in the room in the time of the attack, and the suspect wasn't under drug's influence when he committed the crime.

Fluter is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday, he now faces upgraded murder charges.