Road-rage killing of a firefighter: Police arrest the involved car's owner

6 month ago

Police have arrested a suspect in connection with the ongoing investigation in connection with the road-rage killing of an off-duty firefighter last Sunday.

Joseph Desmond, 29, the registered owner of the vehicle involved in the incident, was tracked down by the NYPD in South Amboy, NJ, where he was arrested.

The victim, Bravest Faizal Coto, was off-duty that night, driving his car east on the Belt Parkway when he started arguing with another driver.

When the two pulled over to sort it out, the other motorist hit Coto with an unknown object over the head. A witness said the two men were fighting before he saw one of them lying on the ground. The attacker then got back to his silver Infiniti and took off.

The victim suffered puncture wounds, inconsistent with a car crash.