A Calif man is facing charges for pushing a pedestrian in front of an oncoming truck.

6 month ago

the man who allegedly pushed another passerby in front of an oncoming truck in downtown Los Angeles last week; was charged Friday for that crime in addition to two other "random and unprovoked attacks".

31-yeard-old Garrett Boldt, was seen in surveillance footage from Wednesday shoving a man in front of an oncoming truck, The driver of the truck slammed on his breaks but the victim was still pinned under the wheel, the video shows. Prosecutors said the victim suffered serious injuries.

the suspect left the scene after picking up his bracelet which he dropped during the incident.

the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office revealed that the suspect was also accused of two other "random and unprovoked" attacks last week when he allegedly slammed a woman to the ground Tuesday and had punched a woman at a bus stop the day of the alleged shoving.

Boldt was arrested Wednesday and charged Friday with premediate attempted murder, among other charges.

his next hearing was scheduled for December 20. He would face a maximum sentence of life in state prison if he's convicted.