Honduran migrant sends 8-month-old son under hole in US-Mexico border wall

6 month ago

A Honduran migrant had a perilous idea to make his eight-month-old son cross the border wall by pushing him under a crudely dug hole.

The infant, dressed in a gray sweetshirt, and a white-footed onesie, was handed off to his mother, Yesenia Martinez, who had already crossed the border moments earlier. The father, Joel Mendez, wasn't ready for the risky journey, fearing immediate deportation, and stayed behind in Tijuana to work. Soon later, Martinez and the baby, surrendered to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents waiting for illegal border crossers.

Like her, many migrants risk their lives to attend the American soil: Border agents said they arrested two men after they swam with a third migrant across the All-American Canal, and left him to drown when he couldnt stay afloat.