Homeless man offers $17,000 he found to food bank

6 month ago

Kevin Booth is a familiar and friendly face in the streets of Sumner, juste outside Seattle. The homeless man waits patiently every week for the Sumner Community Food Bank to open.

But last month, an extraordinary event changed Booth's calm life forever: Just before sunrise, he was getting food from the bank's bread box when he found a plastic bag full of twenty dollar bills.

He has been homeless for the last seven years, and yet decided to handed the bag, containing $17,000 to the first employee to arrive to the food bank without mentioning the money.

Anita Miller, the Food Bank director, contacted police, and after 90 days without a claim or report, they released the money to the Bank.

And Booth was honored for his selflessness. He hopes the money would help feed more people.