Devastating twist: Sergeant Ron Helus was in fact killed by friendly fire

6 month ago

Ventura County Medical examiner revealed on Friday a heartbreaking twist to November's mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, claiming the sheriff's office sergeant Ron Helus was fatally struck by friendly fire during a fierce firefight with the suspect.

The mass shooting of Nov.7 left eleven victims when 28-year-old Ian David Long fired more than 50 rounds, hitting 13 people including himself.

Sgt. Ron Helus and a California Highway Patrol(CHP) officer responded to the shooting and were immediately attacked by Long. Helus was hit five times by Long, but the wounds were "survivable", he was then hit a sixth time in the chest and heart, but the fatal shot came from the CHP officer.

According to police, the CHP officer was devastated by the news, but the blame lies with one person, the suspect.