Louisville police in search for missing armored-car driver and undetermined amount of money

6 month ago

Police in Louiseville are searching for an armored-car driver who disappeared along with an undetermined amount of money while waiting in the car outside a mall.

Garda Armored Truck Services called police to report one of its drivers disappearence on Wednesday, around 3:15 p.m. Police found the armored car at the back of the mall.

Usually, the car carries two workers but that day, one of them entered the mall to make his drops and pickups, while the missing driver, Mark Espinosa, 29, waited in the truck. The team had made several drops that day. Espinosa was last seen in a dark-blue shirt and dark-blue pants. Investigators said that the busy area would help find "someone who did see something" and that they are looking for located surveillance video.