Child sex abuse within Roman Catholic Church:more California priests were added to the list.

6 month ago

More Catholic priests who served in Southern California were pointed out by victims during a news conference Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, in Orange, Calif.

a list of 72 priests who served in the Diocese of Orange and who have been accused of abuse was issued by advocates for survivors of child sex abuse.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles on Thursday updated its record of accused priests for the first time in a decade, adding 54 more for a total of 323 clerics accused in such incidents.

advocates accused the church of covering up such incidents and demanded more transparency and push to hold church officials accountable for child sex abuse cases in counties in California and elsewhere even when the incidents are too old to bring criminal charges or to sue.

an attorney for Jeff Anderson & Associates Mike Reck said the law firm compiled its list using publicly available information including criminal cases, lawsuits, and press statements. He said the firm doesn't know the whereabouts of nearly half of these priests, who may or may not still be alive.

"We implore the diocese to do better and to do more because the survivors deserve more and deserve better," Reck told reporters.

The Diocese of Orange says the lawyers are trying to re-litigate old claims that the church takes any accusations of abuse "extraordinarily seriously."

"Files are being examined and as appropriate the diocese will update the list as warranted," the statement said.

Many of the priests are now dead, and some of the alleged incidents took place in the 1950s and 1960s. Some clerics came to the Los Angeles area from other countries including Mexico and the Philippines and later left.