snow and ice: the South would face a winter storm this weekend.

6 month ago

A tough winter storm is on the way to the Southern Plains and Texas starting from Friday, then spread this weekend through the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Rain, thunderstorms and a wintry mix are scheduled to slowly overspread the southeastern U.S. on Saturday.

Winter storm watches are already in place Thursday for 6 million people in northern Texas, Oklahoma, and parts of Arkansas and Missouri.

the freezing line will be more accurate As the storm develops.

the storm will begin Friday, with freezing rain and drizzle the main winter weather impacts will occur late Friday, with a quick transition from a wintry mix to snow after midnight Friday.

Snowfall could top 6 inches. Expect dangerous travel conditions and power outages.

Sleet and freezing rain can be difficult to remove and dangerous to drive on, and an accumulation of ice can also greatly weigh down trees and power lines.

temperatures will not significantly rebind through the middle days of the week.

While sunshine during the day will melt a small amount of snow, the snow and ice cover is not likely to rapidly disappear.