organs of 4-years-old who died with a stray bullet were donated to three children.

7 month ago

4-year-old Izabella Marie was accidentally shot Thursday by her 3-year-old brother, in Lebanon, her organs were donated to save the life of three children.

The 4-year-old was shot in the head by her younger brother, who was 3 years old, the two were at their grandparent’s house when her brother found a gun and accidentally shot her.was taken to Riley Hospital in critical condition where she later died.

Izabella’s father described her as a bright light in their family.

her organs were donated to help other children who needed transplants including a 1-year-old child who received her heart and two other children who got her kidneys and her liver.

Finding the right match can be challenging for adults, but it’s especially challenging for children.

Steven Johnson a member of the Indiana Donor Network said: “The size is definitely a consideration and that makes it more difficult on top of everything else that you think of that has to match, the blood type, all of those things have to be a perfect match,” “And that’s a very small portion of the population, so it’s difficult.”

According to the Indiana Donor Network, there are 1,400 waiting for transplant right now in Indiana.