Detroit doctors are facing charges regarding their unlawful $500M opioid scheme.

6 month ago

the Six metro Detroit doctors who allegedly took part in $500M opioid scheme are facing charges of fraudulent health care billing and unlawful prescribing of opioids.

the doctors, identified as Rajendra Bothra, Eric Backos, Gainu Edu, David Lewis, Christopher Russo, and Ronald Kufner, made a plan where each of them played different roles at different times.

the defendants allegedly submitted claims for more than $182.5 million to Medicare, $272.6 million to Medicaid and $9.2 million to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan for services and equipment that was medically unnecessary, not eligible for reimbursement and/or not provided as represented.

they have issued more than 13,217,987 dosage units of Schedule II opioids, including Oxycontin, Percocet and Vicodin.

the scheme which started since January 2013, was operated at three clinics owned and operated by Bothra, The Pain Center located in Eastpointe and Warren and the Interventional Pain Center in Warren.

the doctors would face a 10-year felony for the charge of health-care fraud conspiracy.