Two Florida inmates indicted in brutal slaying of cellmate

3 month ago

Bradford County news, Florida news.

Two Florida inmates have been indicted for the murder of their fellow cellmate earlier this year and prosecutors said that they will seek the death penalty against them.

William E. Wells, 44, and Leo L. Boatman, 33, are accused of stabbing and strangling 32-year-old William L. Chapman who was just months away from his release date.

Both suspects have been accused of killing fellow inmates: Boatman has been convicted of killing a cellmate in 2010 and pleaded guilty to attempted murder of another in 2009 while Wells, dubbed the "monster" of Mayport for killing five people and living with the bodies, had murdered a fellow inmate in 2011 and tried to assassinate another in 2008.

Gainesville State Attorney Bill Cervone said that he will seek the death penalty for Boatman and Wells.