Texas man who fatally shot his wife claims he was sleepwalking at the time

4 month ago

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A Texas man who has shot and killed his wife of 35 years is claiming that he was not fully responsible for her death as he was sleepwalking at the time.

Raymond Lazarine, 67, was charged with murder in connection with the death of Deborah Lazarine, his wife, in December 2013. The victim was shot six times including in the head and back.

His defense team is presenting a sleepwalker defense during his trial that started this week: "Our position is this was a dream and it wasn't voluntary. And obviously, experts are going to come by and say, we think he suffers from a medical condition where it's unvoluntary," his lawyer said.

Lazarine's son testified that his father was under a psychiatrist's care for over a decade. He had reportedly taken his medication on the shooting's day.