Police officer dragged by teen gang member may never recover from brain injury

9 month ago

Prosecutor said at the trial of the gang member accused of dragging a cop clinging to a stolen car while driving at 50 mph, that the NYPD officer will never recover.

Last year, Hero Det.Dalsh Veve suffered severe brain injury, and half his skull was removed after Justin Murrell, then 15, struck him by a stolen Honda Civic and dragged the clinging cop through streets, veering right and left trying to get him off until he finally was flung from the car.

The cop doesn't recognize his wife and his 4-year-old daughter and is in 24-hours care, according to the prosecutor.

The 10-year veteran was responding to a noisy party when Murrell rammed him, fleeing the scene.

The Brooklyn Supreme Court trial is expected to last another week.