Trump's EPA to roll back Obama-era rules on climate.

9 month ago

The Environmental Protection Agency is kicking off a set of new rules slamming Obama-era's rule that would have required new coal plants to be built with expensive technology that captures carbon emissions from their smokestacks.

the Trump administration’s EPA will introduce a replacement rule regulating emissions from new coal plants that would not force them to be built with carbon capture and storage, also known as CCS.

The move proved that the Trump administration is determined to join forces so that both global consensuses and the need to act on climate change and market trends, as the President referred to as "beautiful, clean coal" industry.

The Obama administration rule required new coal plants to be equipped with technology that could capture and store carbon, creating such a high limit on emissions that it effectively restricted the construction of new factories.

The Trump EPA’s version of the rule would soften the standard, encouraging so-called higher efficiency critical or supercritical power plants that burn coal at higher temperatures than conventional technologies, requiring less energy.

The rule change will not have an immediate impact as it only applies to new coal plants, which are becoming increasingly uneconomical as they face competition from cheap natural gas and renewable energy sources.