Texas 7 gang member inmate executed by lethal injection

one year ago

A member of "Texas 7" gang was executed Tuesday evening for the fatal shooting of a Dallas police officer during a Christmas Eve robbery in December 2000.

"They've already started and I ain't even finished, "he said, pausing as the lethal sedative pentobarbital started working. For nearly a minute, he gasped three times and snored twice before all movement stopped, as the muffled revving of motorcycles ridden by a group of bikers could be heard inside the death chamber. He was pronounced dead at 6:43 p.m.

The 47-year-old inmate became the 22nd prisoner put to death this year in the US and the 12th given lethal injection in Texas.

He was serving a 50-year sentence for murder when he escaped along with a group of inmates, committed robberies and the shooting death of Aubrey Hawkins.