Phoenix Hannibal: A riddle of crimes was finally solved.

7 month ago

Cleophus Cooksey a 36-years old spree killer charged with 9 murders along with other crimes committed only in 3 weeks between November and December 2017.

Cooksey was arrested for the murder of his own mother and his step father; what police did not know is that they were his last victims as Cooksey already started his hunt days before the incident leading to 7 more crimes linked with a subtle line.

Police were able to discover the man behind the murders thanks to ballistic technology, a DNA test, and a stolen cell phone that belongs to one of the victims.

Cooksey has been in custody ever since his arrest in December police started connecting the threads of his previous crimes that goes back to Nov.27 when two young men Andrew Remillard , 27 , and Parker Smith,21,were shot in a parking lot in Phoenix.Dec.2, a 35-years-old security guard Salim Richards was shot and killed; a week later another victim was added to the list, Jesus Real who is the brother of Cooksey ex-girlfriend . On Dec.13, 29 Latorrie Beckford was also shot during his drug transaction with the culprit; on the same day Cooksey kidnaped 43 Maria Villanueva raped her and then dumped her body.

The merciless monster was finally arrested after police got a call to the house of Rene Cooksey and Edward Nunn where they have found Cooksey in the crime scene with blood all over his body and the victims who are actually his own family were already dead due to gun shots.

According to police Cooksey embraced freedom just recently the previous July as he has a dark history since 2001 with manslaughter and armed robbery; his long 16 years in prison didn’t change his murderer mindset and was soon after people’s lives.

Police are still looking into this horrific homicide case with the fear to add more innocent people into the list of victims.