A plane crashes into Florida therapy center leading to the death of two people.

9 month ago

A security camera captured the moment of a small plane crashing into a warehouse and therapy center in Fort Lauderdale, the aircraft was immediately under blazing fire.

A 51-year-old pilot from New Jersey and his passenger died after the plane crash on Saturday.

The deadly crash happened at approximately 1:30 pm local time near the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Firefighters battled for an hour to contain the flames which were exacerbated by a large fuel leak.

the pilot, identified as Eladio Marquez, declared an emergency just seconds after leaving the runway, telling the control tower there was an engine fire.

Marquez’s passenger was one of his former flight school students.

eight teachers and five children were in the building when the plane crashed and that one of the teachers suffered minor injuries as she helped children from the building. No other injuries to any staff or children were reported.