Mother kidnaps toddler in father's custody at gunpoint

4 month ago

Orlando news, Florida news.

Authorities in Orlando, Florida have issued an Amber Alert on Wednesday for a 2-year-old boy who has been kidnapped from his father's home at gunpoint.

Jenzell Cintron Perez was in the custody of his father in the 1000 block of South Conway Road when he was abducted by his biological mother, 33-year-old Sugey Perez Diaz. She was armed and had threatened the boy's grandmother, Stephanie Maldonado, at gunpoint.

"She said, if I moved, she will kill me," she said. " I'm just so scared or my baby. I don't know if he's safe or if he's not."

The woman was in the company of a man. They both were wearing dark clothing while the infant was wearing a diaper.

"The biological mother and the unknown male fled the scene with the child in an unknown vehicle," police said.