A shooter got caught in a 4 hour standoff at Parks Apartments in Central Fresno.

9 month ago

A shooting suspect was caught in a 4-hour standoff at Parks Apartments in Central Fresno where he was arrested later by police.

Fresno Police received a call following the shooting of a victim in the arm.

the shooter has holed out inside a room on the northern end. while police blocked off traffic down the road.

Police remained in the incident's scene since 1:30 p.m. where they were trying to reach the suspect, an SRT team and SWAT joined the scene as well.

a helicopter flying overhead in an attempt to communicate with the suspect in the apartment.

The victim has been transported to Community Regional Medical Center and is in stable condition.

police are blocking transportation in this area between Ashland and Saginaw.

The scene is still active, and the suspect still would not give in.