CNN's president: Trump's contempt for CNN has to do with him

9 month ago

In a new episode of "The Axes Files", CNN President Jeff Zucker claimed Trumps attacks on the network have three reasons.

According to Zucker, Trump's contempt for CNN was caused by the network's relevance in the political landscape, and also its 1980s rise to prominence at the same time as that of the US President.

But there is also a personal reason for his hatred: they were previously close friends, and the President likely expected special coverage: "We've had this long, 20-plus year relationship, that for a long time was quite strong. And, you know, Donald Trump did not understand, in the end, that just because we were friends didn't mean he wasn't going to be subjected to the proper scrutiny," Zucker said. "He thought CNN should give him a pass because we were friends."