Trophy hunter shot and killed beloved Yellowstone wolf

9 month ago

A trophy hunter shot dead "Spitefire" the beloved wild Yellowstone she-wolf just outside the protected National Park in Montana over the weekend.

Also known as Lamar Canyon Wolf Pack member 926F, the seven-year-old wolf was beloved and popular among biologists and wolf fans. Spitfire was shot while wandering "near cabins" less than five miles outside of the protected park's boundary.

Before her, Spitfire's mother had the same fate in 2012. The famous alpha wolf, called 832F or "06" was the subject of the book American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West detailing her journey as the leader of the Lamar Canyon pack.

On Wednesday, "The 06 Legacy" Facebook group posted a statement celebrating the wolf's life and condemning the current wolf management practices.