Walmart's secret Santa Clause .

9 month ago

Walmart shoppers were blessed after an unidentified individual covered the costs of all of the items on layaway.

The Walmart store in Uniondale located in Uniondale spread the news via Facebook and stories about the secret Santa were immediately on the thongs of citizens.

the generous man labeling himself as "the Secret Santa" paid a total of $45,000.for the items purchased by customers.

the Uniondale Community released a thank you post.

“Thank you to the secret Santa that came in the store today and paid off all the Christmas layaway here at the Uniondale Walmart,” the post said. “Thank you again on behalf of the Uniondale Community.”

a photo showing a decorated tree wrapped gifts and a table full of receipts from the covered products was posted along.

the gesture reminds us that the world is still beautiful and actually have kind-hearted people.

A similar kind gesture took place at a Vermont Walmart store when a mysterious man offered to pay for everyone’s gifts waiting to be picked up.