California's wildfires:the aftermath.

12 months ago

A new wave of homelessness is crushing California after the great raging fire a lot of people have lost their houses including A-list citizens like celebrities.

The homeless situation was already bad in parts of Butte County to the extent that the county formally declared a crisis in October in order to secure millions of dollars in state aid.

and suddenly the inferno cut across the state destroying nearly 14,000 residences and adding an entirely new population of tens of thousands of people to California’s long-entrenched homeless crisis.

the devastation caused by the wildfires has opened up an uncertain future that includes the possibility of indefinite homelessness. Evacuees who lost their homes could spend up to a year in temporary shelters, already contending with a virus outbreak that puts young children, elderly, and disabled people at risk of infection.

the weather's state is going to no good with the rain storm and the threat of floods making it even worse for the evacuated to find a proper shelter.

the catastrophe is gone now, but the aftermath is what matters, would the devastated areas rise again?